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The OPC mission of scheduling, management and coordination can be alone or entrusted to the project manager. The role of the OPC is to optimise the works phase and thus ensure compliance with the costs and deadlines approved upstream by the project owner.

The presence of an OPC is justified when the project is established in separate lots. The OPC is a unique interlocutor of the owner, but as coordinator of the works, he ensures the relationship with all the actors or interlocutors of the construction of the project.



  • The OPC studies the difficulties and specific requirements of the construction project and manages the administrative formalities required for the proper preparation of the site,

  • During the preparation phase, the OPC will analyse the elementary tasks by lot or by hierarchical level of the project according to the execution studies and the works to organise their sequence in a critical path,

  • The preparation phase also allows the establishment of a detailed schedule of studies, supplies, works and acceptance of works, including the chronological intervention of all companies present on the site,

  • The schedule established by the OPC must include the dates of regular site meetings which will be used for the coordination of the companies,

  • We take care of the drafting of the site installation plan in consultation with the SPS coordinator.



  • The OPC harmonises the interventions of the various trades and service providers (in time and space). It holds site meetings between the various participants and ensures that the minutes are distributed,

  • The TPO recalibrates the different phases of his schedule with the respective progress of each task and assesses the analysis of the differences between what was planned and what actually happened,

  • The OPC remains attentive to the planning of the Preliminary Acceptance Operations (OPR) and until the lifting of the reservations, to implement the organisational measures previously determined, to decide on corrective actions and to apply, if necessary, possible penalties for delay to the trades,

  • We take charge of the organisation of access: delivery and storage area.


  • The completion of the works is subject to visits prior to the RPO with the organisation of tests. 

  • The acceptance of the works, formalised by the signature of a PV, generates the completion guarantee period that the OPC must supervise with the trades.

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