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Project Management Assistance

"Envisioning the impossible to achieve the improbable"

The project owner's assistant's mission is to help the project owner define the programme and the orientations of his project. It is above all a role of advice and proposal, facilitating coordination, the decision-maker remaining the project owner.

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Project Management Assistance

The aim of this assistance mission for contractors, architects, interior architects and/or decorators, and designers is to provide a graphic file to the companies consulted, specifying, by means of drawings, all the technical and aesthetic points for the costing of all the services necessary for the perfect completion of the project.

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Execution of the project

"The Culture of Attention and Detail"

The project management team is the interface between the companies and the project owner. It enables us to respond to the technical programme set by the project owner, to monitor the proper execution of the work and, if necessary, to find solutions to meet the budget and deadlines.


Cost management

"What is drawn is quantifiable and therefore estimable"

For us, Cost management consists of estimating the project at each of its phases (Sketch, APS, APD and DCE). An extensive database allows us to respond very quickly from the SKETCH phase to allow the Client to set a budget. We also write all the specifications and measurements for the operation.

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Works coordination

An integral part of the MOE mission

Scheduling, Piloting & Coordination is a mission which analyzes, organizes and optimizes the project of a building site by coordinating the various interventions of the various participants. This helps to guarantee the customer the best possible organization.

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