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The project owner's assistant's mission is to help the project owner define the programme and the orientations of his project. It is above all a role of advice and proposal, facilitating coordination, the decision-maker remaining the project owner. In the context of private operations, we put together, in conjunction with the project owner, the project management team corresponding to the needs of the project.


We carry out calls with:

  • architects,

  • interior architects,

  • landscape architects,

  • designers,

  • designers,

  • decorators,

  • lighting designers.


thus allowing our Client to find a "creator" as close as possible to his expectations and sensitivity. We look for and propose other necessary partners according to the complexity of the project defined:

  • Technical Design Offices (BET)

    • Structure: geotechnician, concrete, steel, wood, facades...

    • HVAC/VRD: plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning,

    • Electricity: low / high voltage, home automation, hifi audio,

    • Acoustics,

    • Specific: kitchen, spa, swimming pool...,

  • Security of sites and people,

  • Synthesis unit,

  • SPS coordinator,

  • Control office,

  • Surveyor,

  • Insurer for the damage to the building,

  • Diagnostic firms for asbestos / lead,

  • Bailiffs (pre-construction inspections of neighbours / authorisations, etc.).


The use of project management assistance can be explained by the size or certain specificities of the planned project. The AMO really takes charge of the management of the project and can thus face the needs for specific competences, by having an eye at the same time on the administrative, technical and financial aspect.

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